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Finding Absolute Paths of files and destinations of links in Linux

Apache HTTP Server as a Basic Forward/Reverse Proxy

Installing LAMP + ModSecurity + ModSecurity CRS on Ubuntu 16.04

Disabling the touchpad on your laptop in Linux

Installing Ruby with rvm on Ubuntu

Understanding Burp Suite Intruder Attack Types

My solution to the Drunk Admin Web Hacking Challenge

Enabling/Disabling modules and sites in Apache - Ubuntu/CentOS

Intro to sqlmap

Fixing errors while installing Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu

Hard links vs. Soft/Symbolic Links - Linux

I/O Redirection in Linux

Finding ModSecurity version info

Introduction to Git Tags

Fixing LibClamAV Error: cli_loaddbdir(): No supported database files found in /var/lib/clamav

Setting up chroot jails for your vsftpd users

Setting up vsftpd on Ubuntu

Installing nodejs on Ubuntu - Fixing the missing node file error

Adding SSL Certificates from OWASP ZAP - A Visual Walkthrough

Chained rule evaluation in ModSecurity

Wordpress comments RSS feed for posts by a single author

Accessing your Virtualbox Guest from your Host OS

Installing vim.basic - Fixing weird vi behavior on Debian machines

Project Memoir: Headache Diary

Enabling Shared Folders on VirtualBox

Transferring vCard Contacts - My first Android experience

Generating, exporting, securing your PGP and SSH keys for backups and restoring them

Making PHP's xdebug display long, untruncated output

User and group management in Linux

Searching the haystack with grep

Monitoring changes in web pages with ETag and Last-Modified HTTP Headers using curl

Installing the PHP MongoDB driver on Ubuntu

Viewing text files on Linux - cat, head, tail, more and less

Installing PHPMyAdmin in Ubuntu 13.04

Writing tools for the new-age writer

Free sources for books

Squash Git commits with interactive rebase

GitHub Pages, Jekyll redirect gem and a bash script

Reverting to an old commit & Grabbing changes from another branch : git checkout

New Jekyll theme - Motoko

Keeping your forked repo synced with the upstream source

Plotting graphs on your own machine - Udacity's Introduction to Statistics

Making cross-domain AJAX calls with PHP

Installing Django and MongoDB in your virtualenv

Virtualenv, Virtualenvwrapper and Pip - A python newbie's best friends

The Treasure of Kafur by Aroon Raman - Book Review

Accessing Bootstrap docs offline + Installing Jekyll on Ubuntu 13.10

Logging into StackExchange Chat

The Shadow Throne by Aroon Raman - Book Review

Mounting .bin and .iso files on Linux

Understanding looping

Reading EPUB files without an EPUB reader

Receiving files via Bluetooth on Ubuntu 12.04

Monitoring Changes to Online Binary Files (PDF, .doc, etc..)

Getting Navigation Tabs to work in Bootstrap 3's infinite recaptcha redirect - to the rescue!

What is a front-end and a back-end of an application?

Using VLC as a YouTube Downloader, Media Converter and more

Our blog is now on GitHub!

Blog migration in progress!

Get SMS alert if you're scheduled for a full day power shutdown by TNEB

Batch Resizing/Converting Images in Linux

Google shuts down it’s SMS search service

vnStat - Bandwidth monitoring simplified

Google Inactive Account Manager - The solution to your online data when you’re no more

Combining multiple PDF files into one

Viewing process-wise network usage

Twitter Widget, Firefox and Abine’s DoNotTrackMe plugin

Finding the best Public DNS service for you with Namebench

Installing uTorrent on Ubuntu

Finding the exact selectors to change CSS behavior

PHP script to dynamically generate links to the files present in current directory

Revoking apps/sites authorization to GMail, Twitter, Facebook after import of contacts

Writing cleaner PHP code with heredoc

What is the ternary operator?

Linux process signals and killing troublesome processes

What shell am I currently on?

Invoking the bash shell with some simple parameters (-r,-c)

Enabling scrollbars for HTML Tables

UDP Untangled - Overview of how UDP works

Understanding ARP, Proxy ARP, RARP, DHCP - Part 2

What is ARP Poisoning?

Understanding ARP, Proxy ARP, RARP, DHCP - Part 1

Ping - How does it work?

Traceroute - How does it work?

Simple and safer registration + login using PHP - Part 2 (Login)

Simple and safer registration + login using PHP - Part 1 (Registration)

Saving your Database credentials to be used in PHP scripts in a safer way

Productivity Hack - Using Wordpress as more than just a blog

Making symbolic/soft links pointing to other partitions work in Apache

Exporting Facebook Birthdays and Events To Google Calendar

Accessing Blocked Websites / Bypassing DNS blocks with Google Cache

The ls command unleashed!

Understanding Linux File Permissions

Using apt-get and apt-cache

HTML5 Video Tags

Linux commands to gather basic information about your system

Linux commands to gather basic information about your system

Guidelines/Tips to harden your server

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Welcome Prasanna, the new addition to the team!

Making table cells obey height and width properties

Setting Environment Variables in Linux

Connecting to and Querying a MySQL Database from PHP

Connecting to a MySQL Database from PHP

Checking md5sum in Linux

Logging all terminal activity incl. output

Accessing your local web server files from an external network

Flash Cache on Ubuntu Linux

Creating Brushes in Photoshop

Brushes are fun!

Happy new year 2011!

Amazing wget!

Introduction to XHTML1.0

The Plan

Hello World!