Finding ModSecurity version info

If like me, you installed ModSecurity on Ubuntu or a Debian machine with something like $ sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-security2 , we might end up clueless trying to find the mod_security.c file because the LoadModule in the Apache config uses a .so file.

Introduction to Git Tags

Git allows you to tag commits which allows you to create releases for your software. So say, you have a piece of software and you initially release v0.1 and then you add some features and make v0.2 and so on. If you use Git to do your version control, you can use tags to specify which commit is v0.1 and which is v0.2 and so on.

Fixing LibClamAV Error: cli_loaddbdir(): No supported database files found in /var/lib/clamav

When you install and run clamav for the first time, you might encounter an error such as this:

Setting up chroot jails for your vsftpd users

chroot jails keep your users locked in a directory and not let them wander about the filesystem to places they have no business poking their noses into.

Setting up vsftpd on Ubuntu

I wanted to upload files directly into Wordpress from my bash script and did not want to sit around tinkering with PHP to achieve it. So what I ended up doing is setting up FTP, making life much more simpler.

Installing nodejs on Ubuntu - Fixing the missing node file error

Installing node.js and fixing the '/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory' error

Adding SSL Certificates from OWASP ZAP - A Visual Walkthrough

So, you’ve setup OWASP ZAP and are routing you’re browser’s traffic through it and are ready to do some digging, but everytime you hit a site, you get an annoying SSL Security Exception error and when you view the certificate, it is the OWASP ZAP Certificate.

Chained rule evaluation in ModSecurity

Chained rules in ModSecurity are similar to rules combined with a mathematical AND operator. If one rule returns false (is not matched), none of the rules that are a part of the chain are executed. What I was curious to know was, if a certain rule returns false, are the rules that follow in the chain executed, although the disruptive action of the chain itself is not executed. And hence, the following little experiment.

Wordpress comments RSS feed for posts by a single author

Wordpress offers a plethora of RSS feeds right out of the box. However, one thing that was missing from the documentation is the hidden feature of retrieving all comments made on posts by a specific author.

Accessing your Virtualbox Guest from your Host OS

We all use VirtualBox to setup our playgrounds and experiment(wreck) everything without ever having to bear the repercussions. Sometimes, we want to access this guest machine from our host, but we fail. For example, I have an Ubuntu guest (nitin-VirtualBox) running inside my Ubuntu host(trusty) and I want to access the Apache Web Server running on my guest.

Installing vim.basic - Fixing weird vi behavior on Debian machines

On Debian and other Debian-based distros, when you use Vim, you might find it a little weird. For example, in the insert mode, when you press the arrow keys, you end up with inserting characters - A, B, C and D . This is because Debian uses the vim.tiny configuration by default.

Project Memoir: Headache Diary

Documenting my memories of this project. What and why of why I did what I did. LOL